Our History


Chirulli's history was born back in 1969 in Martina Franca in the province of Taranto, when Mr Tonino opened his shop of fabrics and linen. After becoming a point of reference for the entire Apulian territory for about 15 years, he decided to take a new path by opening the Chirulli Boutique. We are in the 80s, when fashion lives one of its most beautiful historical moments and Chirulli is established as one of the leading men’s and women’s clothing boutiques with national and international brands.

It is 2003 when a generational change takes place with a new location, the same as the current one, a modern vision and a contemporary approach. The same attention to fashion trends, always with an eye to the elegance of the past, but also to technological research and sustainability. With the Boutique was also born Chirullishop.com and the online shop that today works with the whole world, from the United States to Asia. The heritage and strength of Chirulli are the values transmitted by Mr Tonino, simplicity, good taste, tenacity and dedication to work and are the same that after many years have made Chirulli a family name and an entrepreneurial reality recognized worldwide.